Oxford Disc Golf is just getting started.

We are disc golfers in Oxford, Ohio who enjoy rounds with friends, growing the game, and making Oxford a great place for the sport. Everyone is welcome.

Weekly Friendly Tournament

The best way to learn disc golf is to play with others. We are planning a weekly tournament for players of all ability levels but need to figure out when most players are available. Complete the OX Disc Golf Friendly Tournament Planning When2meet with your availability so we can best plan singles and doubles tournaments. Please only list your first name in the When2meet. Most tournaments will be played at the Miami University, Oxford course, though we may play Hueston Woods and Talawanda High School from time to time.

We will be practicing social distancing during any events. Groups will be limited to four players.

Tournament Formats and Cost

For now, there will be no cost to play in tournaments. We want everyone to play who is interested.

For singles tournaments, we will split players into divisions that align with PDGA’s ability levels. Doubles tournaments will be random-draw, where experienced players will be paired with less-experienced players.

Let’s get out and throw!